Del Rio Family Session Indiana
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Del Rio Family Session Indiana

The New Way is:


The New Way is:

"The Package PLAN"

The Simple way to Book, Plan, Shoot, & Pay for your session.

Starting at


per month

(Less than $1 per Day)

If you are like me ---- 

You want those professional images of your loved ones. You want to share them on social sites and maybe display them at home. You want more than just the everyday selfies and camera phone quality. Even if you do nothing with them at all, you still WANT them very very very much.

PLAN or plan to fail…

The problem is... there has never been a PLAN or system, to walk you through the pain points... Like - PRICE, where is the plan to ease how expensive it is... or the plan to find a photographer that shoots the style you like... Scheduling is always an issue too... Will you get on the calendar before the weather changes?  Will the session be awkward & forced?  How long before you get your pictures ? What if you don't like them?... Now what?... Is there a satisfaction guarantee?  All of it, is Overwhelming and typically leads to Procrastination. Who has time for all of this? The only solution is:

"The Package PLAN"


How it Works

How it Works

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Step 1

Choose your "Package PLAN"

Your total investment will be 50% OFF normal package prices due to the 6 Month Trial Run. Packages may included high resolution files, the amount of time needed to create them, Basic Editing, and a set of prints too. When you sign up, you begin automated monthly installments that end after 6 months.

Step 2

Choose a Date & Location.

10 days after you sign up (or sooner) you will be able to choose your Session Location, date, & time... OR just let the system pick a Date and Location for you. Reschedule & Switch Locations as needed before the session.

Fun Family Session Indiana

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Step 3


The Package PLAN makes things SIMPLE and PAINLESS.
So technically, there is nothing you NEED to do.
Details like where to meet me for your session, where to park, what to expect, and other information will be emailed to you as the session gets closer.
Your images are available online within 14 days or sooner. A Sneak Peek is available minutes after your session ends. 

Sooooo.... there is nothing to think about.  Just ENJOY the Package PLAN system !  ;-)


Is This for You?

Is This for You?

With advanced notice... Can ya make a weekday session happen?

Lets face it.... Weekends are very important to families. It's difficult to have a healthy family life if you're gone every weekend. I shoot about 20 weddings per year between April & October. Leaving only 6 or 7 warm-ish uninterrupted weekends to spend with Family, Friends, and to get personal stuff done.

Yeah... Soooo... The Package PLAN system is a weekdays only, type of thing. :-)
Monday & Friday will be the default days. I'll add another weekday as needed, when possible, to make this work.

Automated Payment Plan

Set it and Forget it... Each monthly installment will be automatically withdrawn until the end of the term. Since this is a Trial Run... the term ends 6 months after you sign up. Which is why, you'll save 50% OFF normal package prices.

Satisfaction Gauranteed

If your not happy, I'm not happy...

You're gonna like your photos, I guarantee it. If not... We can re-shoot or cancel your plan to stop any future payments. Simple as that.


I'm comfortable showing images on the spot, because they already look good in the camera, without editing. I mean... That's the point of hiring a pro, right ? --- PLUS --- If we finish the session on time, you'll get to choose a couple Sneak Peeks too. I'll send those to you minutes after the session in exchange for a Share and a Tag on social media. #ReferralsAreLife. ;-)

Sound Good?

if so... 

You're gonna LOVE this.


WHAT ?... OH... You're still thinking?

Despite the obvious awesomeness of this opportunity...
I understand if you need more info.
Soooo.... Please read the

"Q & A" Section at the very bottom of this page..

SERAFIN 036.jpg

Sign Up

Sign Up

Package PLANS




Great for Large Families or Senior Sessions

One of Jaime's Favorite Locations

24 Edited Files - Your Favorites

ALL other Files - (Straight From Camera)

Usage & Printing Rights

4x6 Prints of ALL Your Favorites

16x20 Print - Your Choice

Commercial & Natural Light

Pricing Grid-Standard.jpg



Families of 5 or less, Couples, or Individuals

One of Jaime's Favorite Locations

12 Edited Files - Your Favorites

ALL other Files - (Straight From Camera)

Usage & Printing Rights

4x6 Prints of ALL Your Favorites

16x20 Print - Your Choice

Natural Light Only

Pricing Grid-Basic.jpg


Families of 5 or less, Couples, or Individuals

One of Jaime's Favorite Locations

6 High Res Files - (Straight From Camera)


Usage & Printing Rights



Natural Light Only


FIRST 20 LIMITED PLAN sign ups: 

  • The FIRST 20 people that sign up for the LIMITED PLAN will be allowed early access to the scheduling calendar. They will get to choose their Location, Date , & Time slot before any other member. This is ideal for those interested in scheduling their session before and during the Sunset hour. (known as the Golden Hour)
  • They will also be allowed to choose from my favorite places or ANY other Local Locations. (including Local X-Factor areas such as the beach)
  • AND.... as a huge "thank you" for signing up... I will EDIT ALL PIX and deliver them as High Resolution files. 

Custom APP for iPhone & Android:

  • ALL who sign up for the STANDARD & LIMITED PLAN will receive a custom APP for their phone. The APP features a custom icon, your favorite images, a slide show option, and the ability to share your APP with others.


  • Your Package PLAN and PRICE will not change, If you continue with the system next year. Regardless of what Package PLAN you choose today.


  • Once my roster is full, I can no longer accept clients using the Package PLAN system.  Join now, to lock your spot for next year, but you're not obligated to continue next year. 

RANDOM Freebies to RANDOM Members on a RANDOM Basis:

  • One Month On Me (skip one payment)
  • FREE Print Enlargement
  • FREE Holiday Cards
  • FREE Video Service.
  • No Promises here but definitely a HIGH possibility One and maybe ALL of these will be given away.

"Q & A"

"Q & A"

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Really... HOW?

This is not a JOKE... I'm SERIOUS. I want this to be as good for you as it is for me. If your not happy then, I’m not happy. Simple as that. Yes. This is risky for me and no other photographer will offer this but I feel this is the way it should be. ALSO...There is no contract…. So feel free to cancel whenever you want, but likewise… there is a STRONG “No Refund Policy” in place too. This is the ONLY way I can offer such an insanely awesome service on an affordable monthly payment plan system.

Can I sign up later?

Open Sign ups will be held once per year at the beginning of the year. As the Package PLAN gets more attention, the available spots on my roster will fill up faster and faster. So there is a HUGE chance that you will not be able to jump in if you wait. Those that do sign up now will have their spot and price locked in for next year. The current goal is to stay small, and work out unexpected issues. If everyone stays on-board for next year, then I will only have room for a few more Package PLAN clients.

Can I choose my Location?

Yes! When you choose the date of your session you are simultaneously choosing the Location too. Locations will get assigned to specific dates and you can choose the DATE & TIME. (if you want to)

What locations are available?

My favorite locations include a Park, an open field, an old down town area, an urban area, a barn, and overlooked areas that most people would not even consider or notice. Beaches, Hiking trails, & Chicago are considered "X-Factor" locations since they require more time. These locations and a few others will be available later, on a higher tier plan.

I have a Large family, is this for me too?

Large families no problem… this can be a mix of two families or even Multi-Generation. You'll need to sign up for the LIMITED Package PLAN to make this happen.

I want a session just for my toddler, is this for me too?

YES. 2 years and older will be just fine on any plan.

I want a session just for my NEWBORN baby, is this for me too?

YES and NO... You need a calmer and more customized session. Your Baby controls the entire session. So parents and I are forced to go with the flow. I prefer to do these session in your home. I'm happy to make a special Package PALN just for you and discuss your needs. So please email me.

How about High School Seniors?

YAAAAssssss.... Jump on-board. These are so much fun for me. The BASIC & STANDARD Package PLAN will give you enough time for one outfit. If we hustle a little bit, we can squeeze in a 2nd outfit too. However, I recommend the LIMITED plan for any Senior Session because we'll have more time and wont feel rushed which results in a better experiance and better images. Also you will end up with enough images to make a ver nice photo-book too.

Headshots / Profile Pix are all I need, can this work for me too?

Most headshots and profile pix do not show much background, so location options might not affect you. If you are trying for a specific goal in line with a personal brand or theme then I recommend you email me.

I want an Indoor / Outdoor "Lifestyle" session at my house, will this work for me?

YES and No.... Indoor & Outdoor Lifestyle sessions are a time consuming approach to a session. It produces some of the most heartfelt images you can get but requires me to spend almost half a day with only one client. It also requires more preparation before the session on your end and mine. Naturally this will cost more. However, I am working on a way to offer this later on a higher tier Package PLAN. In the mean time... How about you sign up for the LIMITED PACKAGE plan and then email to let me know that you want a session at your house. We'll discuss your needs A.S.A.P. and take it from there. If we couldn't work anything out, I'll happily refund your money the same day of our conversation.

I want a winter session, is this for me?

Yes. You can be a part of the Package PLAN system but I'll need to make a few customizations to make it work for you. Just sign up on the Limited or STANDARD Pacakge PLAN. Then email me so that we can discuss your needs.

Can you photoshop this or that?

YES... I send all photoshop requests to a Photoshop guru who gets it done faster and better than me. Saving me time and allowing me to get back out there and shoot more, instead of staring at a computer screen. It's super affordable too. Typically between $20 and $60 a file. If there is something specific you want done, we can submit the request and he will give us a quote.

Bad Weather?

ALL Sessions will be outdoors. This means you'll have to be willing to cope with the possible reschedule, if weather doesn't line up for us.

Reschedule... Can I do that?

YUP... the most common reason is due to weather. Rain is the biggest issue... but sometimes it might actually be too hot or too cold. I'll typically decide a whether related reschedule, the day before the session. Another reason to reschedule is if someone is ill. I'm a fan of sayings like "Tough it out" and "Just get it done" but NOT when you're sick. C'mon now.... Keep in mind, rescheduling is risky. What if it's a packed month for photo sessions? That might mean you miss out on the summer look and get bumped back to the end of the line for fall sessions. So rescheduling last minute complicates things and I really want to avoid it as much as possible. Weather, illness, and emergencies are just out of our control.

All other files "Straight From Camera" what's this mean?

It means the images will go from the camera straight to you and will not ever see editing software. They still Look great online and in prints 8x10 and smaller but anything bigger will need a HIGH Resolution file that's been processed/Edited.

The LIMITED and STANDARD Package PLANS include the Editing and High resolution files of your favorite pix, PLUS --- ALL other images Straight From Camera.

When do I get my pictures?

Typically in 14 days or sooner. All images will be placed online for you to review and choose your favorites. After you choose your favorites, I will Edit them, upload the new edited versions to your online gallery, Remove the watermark, and email you an update letting you know you can now Download your high resoluiton Favorites. If you do not choose your Favorites with in 14 days, I will happily choose them for you. Lastly... ALL Straight From Camera files that were not edited will be available for download, (watermark free) at the end of your Package PLAN term, after your final monthly installment has been made. Of course, you would need to have purchased a package PLAN that includes ALL other files straight from camera.