Hi there.... My name is Jaime.
It's actually a hispanic name. (popular in Mexico)
I have not ever been to Mexico, but... shooting a destination wedding there would be nice.

In case you're wondering, my name is
pronounced... -- [ Hi - Met ] --
Now, say it again... but this time, DO NOT pronounce the " T " at the end.
Did ya get that?
If not... I’m sure we'll cover it again later. ;-)


-Quick Facts About Me-

-I talk a lot, laugh a lot, and think a lot.

-I make others feel at ease.

-My wife is my High School Sweetheart. (19 years together/16 Married)

-I used to be a Professional Drummer.

-I Danced in a Folkloric Mexican Dance group for 7 years.

-I was the drummer & singer of a band that played Cumbia, Rancheras, and Quebraditas

-I Did that between the ages of 12 to 20 years old.

-Then I “Flipped the Script” and joined a Rock Band, playing a few covers from Atreyu, Metallica, & System of a Down.

-I can not remember the lyrics to songs for the life of me. (except Bohemian Rhapsody, Simple Man, and Puño De Tierra)

-I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason.” Even if that means we don’t know the reason.

-My morning routine includes Meditation & Gratitude Journaling.

-I’m like an undercover New Aged Hippie that loves to Listen and Learn from others.

-At some point, I became a NERD that listens to Podcasts & Audiobooks about Business & Personal Development more so than I listen to MUSIC.

-Topics like Alchemy, Aliens, Epigenetics, Neural Plasticity, MetaPhysics, and Quantum Mechanics are so entertaining to this NERD.

-Did I mention Ted Talks?

-But don’t expect me to hold a convo about any of it, because I just can’t retain any of that info. (IDK why)

-ONE WORD - FOOTBALL——- ‘nough said.

-I suck at all sports except running - I’m so freek’n fast that I can probably beat you too. Challenge me! I double dog dare you.

-One tiny problem though… I hate running.

Meet my beautiful wife & children.