Getting Started

    • 1st things first... Please click the CONTACT button on this site and fill out the quick form.
    • I'll email you my current pricing info, and answer any questions you asked on the form..
    • I call EVERYONE because email is dry and doesn't even come close to reflecting my personality.
      Besides... The call is very informative and it's the most effective & efficient way to move forward.
      You'll learn everything you need to know and feel confident in your choice to move forward or not.
  3. MEET & GREET 
    • If we all feel like we should move forward then we can set a time to meet in person or over Video Call.
    • During the meeting, we'll work out the Style, Package, & Payment details.
    • Then we'll take advantage of the meeting and start helping you with time sensitive items.

Easy, Right???

If this sounds good, you might want to

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