-Your Wedding is

the ONLY wedding-

Large wedding studios dont have the time to think about your wedding. They plug you into a cookie cutter system, send you a stranger/photographer and you get what everyone else gets. Its horrible, and your guests notice there is ZERO connection between you and the stranger you let into your wedding. 
You should not feel like wedding number 33 or 103.

When you work with me,
it's ALL about you.

---- Complete Packages or A' La Carte ----

-A' La Carte$150 per hour.
For the couple that's having a very small, short, & sweet wedding or has a very tight budget.
Lots of room for customization.

-Complete Packages- $2,000 
This is an ALL Inclusive approach... Designed for those that appreciate the sanity of simplicity. 
The "Basic Package" starts at $2,000 and includes a very generous amount of coverage to accommodate the needs of most couples.
Detailed pricing info is available, just click This "CONTACT" button and fill out the quick form.


• Offered on all of our complete packages. 
• In most cases, payment plans can extend past your wedding day.
Ask about it. I'd love to explain.

To see a full list of packages and other offerings please, click the "CONTACT" button.

Of course you can always call or text too.