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Sometimes emails get missed. So we like to follow up with at least one phone call. If we don't hear from you after one email and one call, then we'll get the hint.
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Give me some details.... ask questions... or just let me know anything you'd like to share about yourself, the family event or wedding. I enjoy details. So let's start with... What is the name of your Fiancé/Fiancée?
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Usually there's more than one way you'll find out about me... So please check all that apply. This HELPS me SOOOOOO much.
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The sales game is NOT for me. It feels dirty. So I skip it. Most couples have a MAGIC number in mind. It's that --- "I'm willing to push the budget to ___" --- kind of number. Couples who do not exceed the Magic Number are way happier. So, why not start the conversation on that note. I do everything I can to make it happen for you.
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Before replying in an email or a phone call, I need to know what your energy is towards me... So that we can be on the same page and together, move forward from there.
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I'm central time zone but many of my couples are in Time Zones